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OTI Africa is wholly owned by the Nathan family who have over three decades of experience in the sales, marketing and  distribution of spirits, wine and beer into Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

The OTI Group, formed in 1994, represent and distribute for many leading multi national companies. Senior management have a wealth of experience in Wholesale and Retail Sales and Distribution, as well as Duty Free.  

OTI Africa have a number of Joint Venture companies in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, UAE, Cyprus and South Africa, ensuring principles continuity in these regions . 

Apart from acting as agents for international brands, OTI Africa owns and holds the World Wide rights to a number of  Premium and Standard Scotch Whiskies, Spirits and Wines.

Our brand of Premium Scotch Whisky,” Glenbrynth” and it’s  Premium Blended Scotch,” Highland Way” is already sold in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia,  Mozambique, Cameroon, Benin, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco, Mauritius, Iraq, China, Hong Kong and Scotland. 

About Us

OTI Africa Values

As a 34 year old family-run business, we have unique insights and understanding of the brands that we represent and the markets that we trade in. We have built our name on Passion and Integrity –  the foundations for what we do and how we do business.

Creating a work environment where people feel safe and looked after is something that is close to our hearts. Our staff help to create our specific brand of ethos and are like family – coming together to deliver on promises and meet deadlines.

It takes a unified team to achieve success and this is what we strive for daily.

With 34 years of experience in the trade, we have expanded our portfolio to more than 72* notable and premium multinational brands over the categories of: Champagne & MCC, Wines, Rum, Whisky and Bourbon, White Spirits, Brandies and Cognacs, Tequillas and Liqueurs.

Our customers and staff are the life-blood of our business and we strive daily to create value for them and in turn, the end-users. This has been born out of the synergy created from years of nurtured relationships with our clients and valued Principals, who share our vision and passion. Our partnerships, both internal and international, are what make this business special.

Ethical business is top of mind at all times and we are committed to ensure that our brands are marketed and sold legally and responsibly. It is our responsibility to promote the safe and lawful consumption of alcohol at all times.

Our Market

At a glance

Our specialist teams provide access to markets as follows:

OTI Africa are the registered owners of the Glenbrynth Scotch Whisky Brand as well as Barkunski Vodka world wide.

Exclusive Distributors for Highland Way Scotch Whisky and The Gin Factory for Africa, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Camus Cognac for South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesothu, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

Dalmore & Jura Single Malts, Shackelton Malt and Glayva Liqueur for same as 3 above.
Fort Simon Wines for Mozambique, Hong Kong and China.

Marketing & Promotions

We have formed a network of partners that allow us to provide our clients with innovative marketing services that drive brand awareness. From in-store shopper marketing & POS to experiential and influencer marketing.

Fresh News from OTI Africa

Keep up to date with OTI Africa news and events throughout Africa